انشاءات السادس الاعدادي كامله 2020

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انشاءات الخامس الاعدادي كاملة

انشاءات السادس الاعدادي كامله 2020

Describing A friend using the following adjective 
My best friend Suzan isn't very good at Sport , but She 's brilliant at painting and drawing . She is interested in art . I like her because she is very honest with everyone. She is very quite but sometimes angry when there be mistake in her painting . Sometimes I get worried about her future and she wants to be a teacher and there is no enough time to study because she empties her time on drawing . She is afraid of failure from French lesson because she feels difficulty from this lesson . I always teach her in order to be good at it . I think there is no disappointment with her life because she is very successful . In the same time I'm proud of her . She is helpful, caring and honest. When her friends have difficulties, she always tries her best to help them.

Hi john ,
 Thanks for your e-mail . You asked me about the traditions of Ramadan in Iraq . So I'll tell you about that . It's a very religious period when we don’t eat or drink during the day for a month . It's a time when we try to pray more and be more patient with each other . The restaurants and cafes closed all day . At sunset ,we stop fasting and after prayers , we have an evening meal . It's called Iftar . We always start with a class of yoghurt and dates , fruit juice and lentils soup . The main course is usually a stew with meat or chicken and vegetables , served with rice . Then we have tea and cake . In the evening , families and friends spend a lot of time with each other . At the end of Ramadan , we celebrate the coming of Eid Al-Fiter .
E-mile on celebration
Hi Martin ,
 You asked me to tell you about a traditional celebration in my country. I’m going to tell you about this celebration .
 Last year in December 31 , we celebrated the New Year’s Eve at my friend’s house and invited our friends and , of course , all the family . A day before , we went to the market and bought the necessary decoration articles . The celebration started in the evening , so people came after sunset. We started our party with a big meal – roast lamb , roast potatoes and lots of vegetables . Then we had a dessert .There was chocolate cake with ice-cream and apple pie . After dinner , we started dancing . My father and brothers were all wearing their colorful clothes . After a few dances , we look at the time . When the clock rang 12 , we sang the famous song '' Happy new year '' and the fireworks started . The fun went on until late about 2 a.m. . It was really a brilliant celebration
Waleedd .

Unit two
The internet
 The Internet is one of the most important inventions in history . It's a network that links computers around the whole world . It has provided great benefits , but at the same time , it has created new problems and disadvantages . The Internet is working to deliver information in spite of the far distances . It provides many services such as the World Wide Web , sending and receiving e-mails, and getting information and videos . We've got the chance to learn more about the world's history , and gain more knowledge . Another benefit of the Internet is the entertainment . On the other hand , It may damage eyes , waste of time because of different sites and if I do business over it , it can be a bit lonely .
 In conclusion , Internet has more good sides than bad ones , and we think that it's improving all the time .
Mobile phone
 A mobile phone is a portable* telephone that works by means of a cellular* radio system . It is made of light materials so it's characterized by slimness , lightness and easiness to carry . It is obvious that the use of a mobile phone brings us many problems as well as benefits . Firstly , a long – time using of mobile phone might be harmful for peoples' health . It is also considered as a source of annoyance when it rings in a conference , film or even exam . Moreover, most of the car accidents are caused by mobile phones.
 On the other hand , a mobile phone can bring about more benefits . Now days , it is easy to call with our friends in anywhere . We can also send messages with beautiful photos . We can listen to music and watch a movie smoothly. Hence , mobile phone is extremely beneficial to our daily lives and its benefits Outweigh the disadvantages .

unite three
Environmental pollution
 Environmental pollution is one of the biggest problem the world faces today, increasing every year and causing severe damage to the earth . It consists of three basic types of pollution : air , water and land . Air pollution is the most harmful form of pollution in our environment . It's caused by the waste materials poured into the air by factories , furnaces and cars . Another serious problem is water pollution , caused by factories waste which are poured into rivers . It leaves its effect upon fish and plants . Besides , polluted river water is dangerous to use for drinking. Finally, there are the effects of the land pollution which is caused by acid rain , polluted water and fertilizers To protect our environment we should first stop pollution through banning cars that produce excessive smoke on our roads and banning throwing factories waste materials into rivers . Educational campaigns are needed to keep our environment safe .
How to reduce cars pollution
 Road transport especially cars is one of the biggest sources of air pollution in the world . The air pollution from cars causes a variety of human and environmental problems that could be avoided or at least easily reduced .
 One possible solution to this problem is to encourage people to walk or ride a bicycle in short journeys instead of
driving a car . An easier solution might be to use public
 transport .Travelling on trams, buses and trains is a quick and relaxing way to reach our destination .There are another ways such as : using hybrid cars and lead-free petrol , sharing other people in the same car , driving more gently and maintaining the car .

unit four
Dear George ,
 I'm writing to tell you that I and my friends went on a trip to the north of Iraq .
 We were very excited – It was our first trip there . We spent two days in Arbil and did different things every day . We went to a very interesting castle called Arbil castle. We didn’t have time to visit any other castles . However , we went to two historical cities . Both have really interesting ruins . Another day we went into a cable car . We wanted to go to the top of the mountain and ski down .
 Next week I'm going to go to Duhok . I'm glad that you can join me and hope that you stay at my house in Baghdad . I'm planning to go sightseeing and enjoy the attractive
 nature there especially the waterfalls . Besides , there're good offers in shopping stores so we can enjoy shopping and the fascinating weather at the same time

unit five
Sports have many benefits
 Sports are one of the most important things that human have to do , because they provide a healthy life , besides many other things .
 There are many benefits in doing sports two or three times a week . Firstly they help in the mental and physical growth . They also help us feel relaxed and sleep better . They help overweight people to lose weight and , in some cases , motivate smokers to give up smoking . Moreover they remove tiredness and agression ,they shape the body and make it strong and active . On the other hand , people who do sports are often less isolated than others ,they have more friends andmore popular.
 In the conclousion , governments should do more to encourage sport through the population and spend more money on sports facilities
Fast food
 Fast food is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of eating . It saves a lot of time and money, especially for people who are coming home from work . However , it is the worst enemy of human health these days .
 It has many negative aspects on humans . One of these negative aspects is that it contains too much fat , oil and salt , which make people overweight and thirsty . It can also be bad for family life , it doesn’t provide family members opportunity to set and eat at one place . Moreover it has a bad effect on the environment because it comes with wrapping or polystyrene which make pollution when we're burning them .

Unit six
 Satellite TV is television programmes that are broadcast by means of satellite . It's one of the wonders of modern science . It has added a new dimension to television .
 Satellite TV has both entertaining and educative value . With satellites , we can watch the latest news . They help us know what is happening in the farthest corner in the world . We can also receive TV programmes in the middle of the desert , in the mountains , or on a small , faraway islands . We can watch movies, dramas , music and sports . Besides , They are used for distance learning . They widen our knowledge , help us to be acquainted with the cultures of different countries .
 We conclude that satellites have changed the way we watch television .They have opened the world and brought people close together .

Unit seven
A shopping trip that went wrong
Last week I went with group of the university for shopping trip
 to Al-Mansoor malls . I wanted to buy some clothes for Eid Al Fiter . We went to the shop called Mango . It was a big shop and the assistant was very nice . ''Can I help you ? '' He said when we
entered the shop .'' We are looking for modern shirt . '' I replied
He showed us some of models then my friend asked him '' How
much is that blue one ? ''Eighty dollars '' he replied . '' That's
too much ' I said and resumed '' Can I take it in seventy dollars .
'' He agreed . Then we asked him to wrap it up . When we left
 the shop we found that he wrapped up the wrong shirt . I was angry and we came back to the shop and we took the shirt . At last I thought it had all been a waste of time .

unit eight
A difficult day
Last week I decided to go and visit my elder brother Faisal in Beirut . Since , my little brother can't drive , I asked my friend Adnan to drive me to the airport . Adnan got lost on his way to
my house and arrived very late . When we got to the airport , Adnan drove away , and I ran in to catch my flight . But the plane had already left . I had to buy another ticket for the next
flight . The next flight leaves in five hours' time ! I would like to call my brother to tell him I will be late , but I forget my mobile phone at home . And I didn’t think to bring a book , so I can't read to pass the time . Even worse , I don’t have any money on me , so I can't buy anything to drink .

تحياتي لكم
احمـــــــد الداوودي
وتمنياتي لكم بالموفقيه والنجاح وبلوغ اعلى المراتب
شكرا لكم لمتابعه المنشور الى النهايه

التعريف بالموقع : 
هذا الموقع تابع لاحمد الداوودي بشكل رسمي وكل ما ينشر في الموقع يخضع للمراقبة وموقع احمد غير مسؤول عن التعليقات على المواضيع كل شخص مسؤول عن نفسه عند كتابة التعليق بحيث لا يتحمل موقع احمد الداوودي اي مسؤولية قانونية حيال ذلك

حجم الخط
تباعد السطور